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Nakshat by Nancy

Versatile Bracelet Ring Duo

Versatile Bracelet Ring Duo

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This versatile bracelet crafted in 92.5 fine silver seamlessly transforms into a ring, featuring a floral design at the top. The sides are adorned with glistering moissanite stones, adding a touch of sparkle, while the central focus is a serene rose quartz. The combination of floral elegance, shimmering stones, and the gentle pink hue of rose quartz creates a uniquely charming accessory, perfect for adding a touch of grace and sophistication to your ensemble, whether worn as a bracelet or ring.

1. Made of 92.5 fine Silver.

2. Gross Wt. : 14.60 g

3. Stone Wt. : 1.60 ct

4. Net Wt.    :  14.28 g

5. Stones     : Moissanite (renowned for exceptional brilliance which surpasses traditional CZ, resembling natural diamonds more closely)

                     Rose Quartz

6. Estimated Delivery Time: 7 days

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